Is A Disposable Underwater Camera A Good Choice?

April 9, 2013

In today’s society, cameras are the key to capturing everything from memories to beautiful sights. A camera has become one of the most essential belongings, perfect for everything from a typical day to graduations and family vacations.

Beyond the cameras that are used in everyday life, there are amazing cameras that can capture your fun and excitement at locations such as the pool, beach, and ocean and even in the rain. Whether you’re on a beautiful beach vacation or are hanging out with your friends in the pool, there’s no better way to capture the unique memories made there than with a disposable underwater digital camera . A disposable underwater digital camera is great because it gives you enough storage, yet is disposable meaning it can be bought for cheap and used on a special vacation or trip. From being lightweight and simple to control, a disposable underwater digital camera is a great and fun option for both kids and adults. Which disposable underwater digital cameras are the best? Check out this guide:

Waterproof (Depth in Feet)
Fujifilm Quick Snap3.51735mm27
Kodak Sport Disposable35035mm27
Kodak Weekend Underwater4.55035mm27

Fujifilm Quick Snap

This waterproof, disposable digital camera uses great 35 mm film to capture the bright colors of an underwater or water covered area. For a cheap price, you get anywhere from 25-30 high quality pictures. This camera will work in depths of even 35 feet and has a strap that allows you to easily snap photos with one hand. This is a great option for anyone who is planning on scuba diving or simply needing an easy to use waterproof camera.

Kodak MAX Water & Sport

Covered in a special web that protects this amazing camera from water, you’ll find that this camera is sturdy and offers the best protection possible with rubber on the sides as well. The camera comes with tons of Kodak film and works in areas as deep as 50 feet. This is another great camera option for people who love to spend time underwater searching and discovering.

Snap Sights SS01

The Snap Sights SS01 is insanely incredible because it will work in depths of up to 100 feet. No doubt that when you’re scuba diving or doing research under deep water, you’ll get incredible shots. Best of all, you’ll never have to lose the camera because it’s designed to easily float. You’ll get around 27 shots with this camera and will enjoy the 28 mm lens that takes great close up and distant shots.

Kodak Weekender Underwater Disposable Camera

Great for travelers who love to go into oceans and rivers, this camera is lightweight and has a 30 mm zoom range for great shots no matter where you stand. You’ll get great quality pictures taking photos with this Kodak weekender that’s even great for kids to use.

Underwater camera 400 Speed / 27 exposures

This camera is small enough to fit into your pocket yet still captures high quality photos in any type of water. Go down to 20 feet and use the 400 speed, 27 exposure cameras that is durable and easy to use.

Consider these top underwater disposable cameras and capture your memories even in the depth of the water!